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I went into this store Friday night at 7pm! they had chairs up and a pile of debris right in the middle of the walk way to get to counter. I asked if they were closing they said no. the door said 10;30pm close. I ordered 2 steak and cheese sandwiches the first one was perfect so I ordered a second one. the girl making the sandwich asked the so called manager on duty if there was anymore steak in the back she said yes which we both assumed she was getting. I waited finally the girl went back and asked the manager and she came out told the girl to scoop out what she could out of the pain which there was nothing left in the pan THEN told her to run her fingers along the edge of the pan to get all the meat out. SO the girl did just that! Which was disgusting to even watch her do. there wasnt even enough meat for a 6 let alone a ft long which I ordered. I asked who the manager was on duty because that was NOT exceptable in my opinion. The manager was to busy on the phone complaining about another employee who got off at 7pm and left, apparently not finishing her clean up. This is no doubt the WORSE service I have ever had and this store needs some better management. or mangerment training it should never be ran like that.This is my Go To store I have always liked it. But after my experience I wont be going back. I understand you employe mostly younger kids and I get their work ethic and its not the best but can be with proper training I to am a busy owner in this town. I however would not let this take place in my business at all. From one business ownwe to another i just felt that you neede to know what was going on.

Suggested solution:

I think this needs to go directly to the owner! they need to know

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