Complaint: Racist employees

on 02 October 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Hi my name is Quentin Tomlinson. So I’m finding this complaint today because myself my mother and my wife went to the California City subway last night and two people were working both of color which has no bearing on how I feel about people people are people I don’t judge people by their race but soon as we walked in the two employees went into the back of the store and stayed back there until we finally left and the whole time they were back there they were talking about oh don’t worry about it it’s just a couple of white b and a white dude never once helped us we said hello several times and asked if we could get a sandwich and they flat out ignored us so after about 10 minutes of waiting for them to maybe change their mind and come out and serve us and make us up a sandwich we decided to just leave and we went elsewhere to eat. My mother was going to speak to the manager today but I feel that that is going to be biased as well because of the gentleman’s race which might be wrong of me to think but due to the service that we got I’m just being cautious we were at the store roughly around 7:15 last night so whoever it was that was on the clock it needs to be checked into.

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I personally feel that the way that this situation should be resolved due to what is going on in the world today with all this racism and whatnot that the two employees that were working should be discharged from their position.

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