Subway complaint: Paid Catering lost Poor Customer Service

on 15 March 2023 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

On March 7,2023 I placed and paid for a catering order for 2 sandwich platters, one ham and one turkey. They were to be picked up March 8 at 7:00pm. When I arrived at 6:45pm I was told someone had picked up my order. I told them no one could have I placed the order for my church and I was to pick it up. The staffers were referring to another order. My order was not prepared. I told the staff I needed the food I had people waiting on me. The manager was called and I was to get a refund the next morning. The staffers made sandwiches but they were sloppy and wrong. Ham and turkey were put on the same sandwich instead of making a ham sub and a turkey sub. It should have been 15 ham and 15 turkey. When I saw what they were doing I corrected them and I received 6 turkey 3 inch subs and 3 ham 3 inch subs and the rest were ham and turkey 3 inch subs. I asked aren’t you going to put the sandwiches on a platter and one of the staffers said they didn’t have any more. So they put the 3 inch subs in cookie bags and balled them up and put a sticker on them. Vegetables were put in bowls , I did not receive any condiments. I went to the store the next morning and spoke with the manager she apologized and said the owner had put the money back on my card. I called my bank and It had not been done. I went back the next day and the manager had gone home for the day. that was Friday March 10 but a staffer said they have plenty platters the sandwiches could have been put on, so I was lied to. I called the Subway store Monday morning and spoke with the manager again and she said she didn’t know what was going on but the owner said he was going to refund me. The manager gave me the owners number and I explained to him the service I received he apologized.and said he would refund my money. I asked him if I could count on him doing so and he said yes , he asked me to send him a copy of my receipt with the information on it and he would take care of it. As of today March 15 a week later I have not received any type of compensation for order being lost, poor customer service, inconvenience I had to waite 45 minutes, and for being lied to by the staff and owner.

Suggested solution:

I should have received the refund I was promised for food that was prepared wrong.

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