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My complaint:

The manager and one of his subordants started speaking Spanish after my daughter told his subordant she asked for a different type of cheese. I asked him if they could speak english because they both could because they originally was speaking english. Louis got mad he even told me I could leave. I continued with our orders he continued to be rude. I asked for corporate number he refused say could find it or something so I was fed up told him he was out of order I even cursed I had a coupon I tossed on the counter. Then I tried to get my coupon he threw it in the garbage. I am very very upset with this so called manager. I wanted my coupon I was going to use it at a different location. I do not appreciate been told if I did like them speaking Spanish I could leave who the heck. .

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Suggested solution:

Louis needs to be trained on customer service and if an engish speaking customer ask them to speak english he needs to do so. I want my coupon and I want an apology really he was so disrespectful I deserve some free subs also I was on my lunch and did not have time to go anywhere else

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