Subway complaint: Made order wrong

Complaint from Veronica Carr reported on 12 September 2023 about Subway

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My complaint:

On Friday 9/1/23 at around 8pm went to pick up my online order brought back home and and my sandwiches weren’t the way I ask for them to be made sloppy ass hell my daughters pizza was still raw so when I took my order back the lady (Tina) offered to make my order again in a rude manner and threw my food in the trash and turns around with a smart ass remark oh I’m sorry I’m all out of bread and I walked out with no food and I want my money ASAP refunded to my card and my order

Suggested solution:

Give me my refund and remake my order I want both back and get better employees that wanna work and clean not just stand around holding up the counter I know I was a manager for Dairy Queen at the age of 17

Subway complaint Made order wrong
Subway complaint Made order wrong
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