Complaint: Job discrepancy

on 07 February 2022 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I worked for a man name Duwun… he sent me a check stub of my last two checks that I had questions about he told me I was making $9.50hr but on the sub it says I was making $7.25 hr and then the tips on the sub I never received and I text and ask him what was going on, he is trying to say I sign the paper so I asked could he send me a copy of the papers he’s saying I sign and he won’t respond back so I don’t know what else to do.

Suggested solution:

Simple send me proof of the papers he's saying I signed. Put the correct tips I made which was over $10 and pay me $9.50 like I was told.

Job discrepancy
Job discrepancy
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