Complaint: Extremely rude and unprofessional service

on 01 August 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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On 073120 at approximately 1:45pm I went to the store to pickup an online order for a BBQ sandwich. There were two customers in line and what looked like a carryout bag by the register. As I was walking in the server, a female, was asking what the man wanted. I understand that attitude is a difficult thing to assess but, the server was outright rude, almost bullyish in how she asked for the order. While I continued to wait for my prepaid order a male came from the rear of the store and proceeded to wait on the second man in the line. Finally the female came to the register to checkout her customer and asked me what I wanted. I told her I thought the bag sitting next to the register was mine and she handed it to me. I felt the bag and could not find the two cookies I had ordered and asked her if they had been included. She told me they were in there. I opened the bag and found they were not in the bag and she agreed to give them to me. Once home, a ten minute drive from the store, I found the sandwich meat had an off taste and I threw it out as being possibly rancid.
It’s unfortunate, Subway has always been one of my Go-To lunch stops.

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I assume this is a franchise location with absentee ownership. The service was totally unacceptable from a rude and disinterested staff member. Most importantly, the BBQ sandwich, which I was looking forward to trying, was bad. Not a good way to do business or retain a customer.

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