Complaint: employee was very slow and very rude

on 04 September 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I called in an order and then i went to pick it up but the employee was working in someone else’s order so i waited but he was very very slow , it took him 10 minutes to make 2 six inch subway sandwiches and then he asked me if i wanted to go ahead and pay for them before he made the other 2 sandwiches so i went ahead and paid for them and i told him that he was very slow and if he could speed it up a little and he got his attitude with me so i told him that i have seen people make 2 or 3 while he made 1 so he told me well that’s on you so i told him no that’s on you and he tossed my change on the counter and was talking smack so then he went back to make my other 2 and they were foot longs and that took an additional 15 minutes and the whole time from when he made the first 2 and gave me my change and went back to work on the other 2 he never changed his gloves also he had to go to the back to get some more meat STILL WEARING THE SAME GLOVES !!!!!! that is just plain nasty and cross contamination and when he was done with my order he just set them down on the counter and walked away to make someone else’s order and still wearing the same gloves. I then yanked my bag from the counter because he didn’t even have the courtesy to say here’s your order and then I left.

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Suggested solution:

First of all he should learn some manners and he should treat customers with respect and I will not be going back to that subway even though that's the only one we have and i would not recommend it to any of my family or friends when they come into town. He is a new employee and if he can't handle the heat then he needs to get out of the kitchen......

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