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on 28 July 2020 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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We placed the order through the drive thru digital scree menu outside the restaurant. When we got home noticed that our sandwiches only had the meat and the cheese. We decide to take all our Oder back to the store that was about five miles away. We went exactly at 10:40 pm. , when we initially placed the order then we made it back to the location at 11:22pm. Please keep in mine that that time frame includes us waiting in line for our turn because the lobby is closed due to COVID. We approached the window a young gentleman attended to listening to what we we saying about us getting only the meet and the cheese that we had put up on the screen initially when we ordered our subs with veggies and condiments. Then a lay interrupted with out even saying excuse me a and proceeded to say that it wasn’t their fault when we weren’t there to point fingers but get our order the way we wanted it. While she was talking to use she was screaming and my husband said that we had paid 30 dollars for the meat and cheese in the sandwich and what about the rest. So I told her that we just wanted her to fix the order and due to the fact of how disrespectful we were approach my husband asked for the money back and left due to the fact that we gave them the order to the gentleman and he took it and she took it from him and started through the chips that where part of the order on the counter. They closed the window and we could hear her healing and complaining while the gentleman was trying to void the ticket to place our money in our card. The main reason that I am concern is because they took the order inside the location and when talking to us didn’t have her mask on. He had his the whole time. Please for the well being of others make sure that the right precautions are taken so that customers are treated with respect and for the well being of the health of the customer and your employees. He was very respectful and attentive to our needs but she needs to be at ease at the work environment for her sake and ours due to the spread of COVID and customer experience. Thank you!

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Please speak to the employee and correct her mistakes so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Please get back to me at to know that this was taken care and you read my email. Thank you Nancy Rodriguez

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