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on 29 June 2022 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Had a coupon that stated Exp 6252022. Went to the Bluffton Sc Subway at 6:38:41 pm that day. Their scanner would not accept the coupon saying it had expired; seriously the 25th ends on 11:59pm not 6:38:41 pm. After several employees discussed the problem, they made the decision to give good customer service and over-ride the scanner!! Unfortunately, it was an embarrassing situation since there were several other customers waiting while they figured out what to do. We were very thankful that this Subway had employees that stepped up to help the customer but as we were sitting there where we could hear what they were taking about we overheard someone that could have been a manager say to the employees that helped us that they were to never do that again!! Unreal where was she when the problem was happening to step up and help the situation. Decided to call Subways Corporate office to try to get an explanation of their coupon policy but could not get anyone to answer the customer service number. So now this is how it will work for us; I am going to see if there are other places that make subs that will honor Subways coupon and use them which honestly doesn’t matter if they don’t will still seek getting a sub somewhere else. Be prepared if you are using a coupon at Subway the scanner does not know how to tell time or what day it is; hope you can get an employee to step up and override the scanner to give good cs before a manager decides they want to intercede after the fact and berate the employees that made an executive decision to keep a customer!!

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