Subway complaint: Burnt sandwich

on 02 September 2022 about Subway in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

August 27 I bought a toasted foot long col cut trio. When I got home there was a black burned spot on the white osier they lay down to put it in the oven. Half the sandwich has such a bad burned paper taste it had to be thrown away. Tonight I bought another identical sandwich and told the crew about my last sandwich. Their reply was that the oven was not working right and it would burn them if they did not watch them.the right thing to have done was offer me a free half sandwich for the one I lost but it did not happen. Ne crew supervisor was on duty because they said they did not have shift crew supervisors

A shotty way of doing business.

I can be reached at 770545-3059 or email [email protected]
I’d really like to discuss this with a live bidyn

Suggested solution:

Offered replacement if burned sdndwich

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