Complaint: Western union network always down

on 24 March 2022 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Dear stop and shop,
I receive money every month and naturally I would go to the stop and shop branch closest to me, so every time I go to that branch at old country road I am received by Sabrina who is apparently there for the morning shift and every time there is always a problem with the network, to which I try to understand and just leave to go to another branch ( Hempstead ) and this has been happening for about 5-4 months and in a row. Just today I tried again and at first it was the same thing network down again so I try to tell her that this is a recurrent incident happening and the probability of it being a coincidence happening just every time I visit is not logical and I was helped prior by another employee called Bobby as far as I remember, and I ask her to speak to a supervisor so if there is a problem it would be fixed. She took it very defensively; she rebooted the system and it was working finally then there was no sufficient funds !
While I understand the problem of insufficient funds I don’t however appreciate the persistence of their network problem.
And when I tried to speak to the supervisor Christine she ed that she has a problem on her own computer sometimes, then denied it then said it’s western union problem that I should speak with them, then it’s Verizon problem !! And while I kept telling her that’s been happening for months now and then every-time I had to go elsewhere, then she said just go to the other place then and not come to them!!! I don‘t really understand how or why I was treated that way while I am trying to prevent this problem from ever happening again either to me or anyone else.
This is not customer satisfaction whatsoever, in fact I felt insulted when the supervisor told me to go elsewhere
I should however mention that I was immediately helped in the Hempstead branch by Karen

Suggested solution:

- Fix the network problem to prevent further heartache to customers
- employees need to be reminded that customers should be treated nicely.

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