Stop and Shop complaint: Customer service emplyee

Complaint from Jessie95 reported on 12 May 2023 about Stop and Shop

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My complaint:

Costumer service employee was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful while shopping yesterday . I was givin a attitude and dirty looks while simply needing something taken off of my bill and when if the woman are you ok ? Is there an issue rude as ever again she said yeah the fact you had to come.over here to take this off your bill Now I have to start the process all over again. Which that is how taking something off a bill works and that is what costumer service is for ? She went on to say that she hates people . Well ms. If you hate people why do you work in costumer service let alone a manager ? As I was trying to talk to her to figure out what was not ringing up on my bill she insulted me again and with her attitude and dirty looks telling me I don’t know how to listen clearly . Personally this should not be excepted within costumer service let alone from a manager. Cassidy Dunbar is her name. Happened 5/11/2023

Suggested solution:

Honestly I do not work at stop and shop so I do not know how discipline is handed out over there but this kind of behavior should not be exceptional, she needs to be written up and people who work in costumer service should not be able to talk and treat people like crap. Especially when all I did was try to figure out what was not ringing up on my food card .

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