Complaint: Security guard tried to kill me

on 05 May 2022 about ShopRite in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

On 532022 at 5:30pm I went to shoprite located on 533 Martin Luther king bvld east orange NJ 07018 . I was doing Instacart delivery service, as I saw a man in a hoodie with black underneath assuming he’s a shoprite employee because he’s helping assist an older couple with their self-check out order, as I am at self check out with my partner I asked him for assistance he got all hostile with me and demand That I do not tell him how to do his job that he doesn’t even work for shoprite, passive aggressively. He started to threaten my girlfriend and I intervened and told him you’re not going to get all crazy with me as a customer, he began taking off his sweater told my girlfriend that he will meet us outside at 11pm when his shift is over then he changed his mind and said we can do it now. As I’m trying to exit out of shoprite, they’re throwing deadly harm at me, threatening to kill me, when I say they I mean the two security guards that work for Sterling security, there was one short bald African-American one white older male. The white one charged through the ShopRite doors damaging them trying and attempting to kill me and my girlfriend, as shoprite employees are holding them back. I called the police and they responded an hour later to the scene, we could not take our police report in peace as the police officers poorly defused the situation as well because the security guards were following us and coming near us to hear our side of the story and police report. It was a very ugly situation , in the midst of all my girlfriend hand began to hurt she was trying to protect me and cover me from the guy trying to kill us we later then went to urgent care.

Suggested solution:

They should fire remove the security guards as they’re mentally unstabled . I filed a police report , it’s on Shoprite cameras. They also came outside to keep harassing us , and wouldn’t allow us to take our police statement in peace , therefore they were stealing time. Smoking 5 cigarettes watching glaring at us .

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Lamar (@guest_5142)
15 days ago

I’m the guy in the picture and this statement is an complete lie. They threatened me and now trying to switch the playing field. I’m no fool.