Complaint: Unacceptably rude staff member

on 14 March 2021 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

Today I was shopping at the above store. Due to the fact that it was a weekend morning (March 1421 at 10:30 AM) there were absolutely no costumers in the store, which was great especially during the pandemic and I deliberately chose this time because I have serious health issues and to contract Covid-19 in a public place is not an option for me.

When I finished my shopping and walked into the hall where the cash desks were (self-service checkouts and the conventional ones). Two female employees were standing and chit-chatting over there.
I approached them (keeping the necessary distance) and politely asked them to serve me at a traditional staffed checkout. It immediately became apparent that those two store employees were quite unhappy with my interruption. Apparently I cut their conversation right in the middle or so.
One of those two chit-chatting employees, in a rude manner (the tone of her voice), told me that I have to use self-service checkouts, to which I reasonably replied that I would prefer to be served at a traditional staffed checkout as I would like to avoid touching surfaces in public places (a touch screen of the self-checkouts, etc.). Moreover, there were no customers besides me at the traditional staffed checkouts. The same employee replied to me quite rudely that it doesn’t really matter and I must learn how to use self-service checkouts.

I said that I don’t mind to learn how to use self-service checkouts, furthermore, I actually know how to use them. The real reason for not using the self-service checkouts (whenever it is possible) is that I have serious health issues and I’d like to minimize the risk of contracting Covid-19 (I mean touching multiple surfaces such as a touchscreen display).
Then after my reasonable explanations the store employee reluctantly went to serve me at a convectional cash register. After processing my purchase, she was so annoyed with all of this that she didn’t even thank me for the purchase.
I was so disappointed with the service that I had received. I think that it was absolutely unacceptable to treat customers so rudely and unprofessionally, especially during a pandemic, so I decided to ask this employee her name in order to inform the head office about her ill-mannered and utterly unprofessional behavior. At that moment she stood sideways to me and I was unable to see her name written on her badge. Then I politely inquired her name, but she just ignored me. I repeated my question. She eventually turned towards me so that I could read her name on her badge and at the same time she impertinently threw the phrase: It’s Low Jarvis! She implied that I shouldn’t forget to provide the location of the store when I’ll be addressing this incident to her superiors.
The name of this disrespectful employee was Antoinette (as it was written on her badge).

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Suggested solution:

I think that Antoinette should be completely retrained plus she should take an anger management course and if this won't help just let her go. You perfectly aware that at the current economic situation there are tens of thousands suitable incumbents who would be more then happy to join your workforce and provide customers with outstanding service.
Thank you.

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