Complaint: Fraud at rushcard

on 04 March 2021 about RushCard in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

My name is kirk taylor 4293 —-

I have been emailing documents everyday for 4 days straight. I have emailed my electric bill 3 times, my cable bill 3 times, my social security card, my insurance, my birth certificate and about 20 other documents. The dept that reviews documents are willfully denying my request for a new card to be sent out on u.p.s. truck. The IRS informed me they sent my 2nd stimulus to this bank acct . I have shown them proof from IRS that my first stimulus went to my Rushcard acct in April of 2020— I have shown them proof that the Irs sent my 2nd stimulus to the same bank acct number on jan 4th of this year.

I last used this rushcard acct in may of 2020– The acct was empty and i was told if i just left it empty the acct would automatically close. I cut up the card and I moved to a new address in jan 11th of this year. I do a lot of online transactions and some of my bills are paperless. I don’t have a lot of mail that i still have at my new address . I get mail in the mail and read it and throw it away. Nevertheless I have shared over 20 documents with the documents team.

I ask that my case be looked at by a supervisor because the employees are making a big mistake in keeping me from my stimulus money. I need it very badly.

my contact info is

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Verify my documents that i do live at the address i live at now. I just moved here on jan 11th 2021---

Send me out a replacement debt card

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