Roses Discount Stores complaint: Harassment and Profiling

Complaint from Shopping While Black reported on 08 May 2024 about Roses Discount Stores

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My complaint:

I am an recurring customer of your stores for many years here in the Jacksonville Florida area and I have never had a problem before. But something changed and my last 2 recent visits have been really concerning. The last 2 times I’ve visited your store located at your 103rd location a code green was issued each time and I was followed throughout the store like some kind of criminal. I was told a code green is a code for money but in my case maybe its code for tall black woman. I haven’t done anything that might have ed this type of treatment except minding my own business. One of your male managers ( John) walked in on me (female) while I was in the rest room and said someone reported some kind of problem. I asked what was the problem and that there was no problem, but I immediately got a sense that the problem was me( SWB shopping while black) and when I mentioned that I knew what the problem was.. he agreed which incited my frustrations. I walked up to the front desk to ask for the corporate number and no one would provide it to me as if I can’t Google it. I don’t appreciate being profiled as a thief when I am not, I frequent these stores every Wednesday which is my day off because I choose to. Shopping relaxes me and I rarely ever leave without making a purchase. I don’t know if it’s a joke to them or if management changed but I’ve never had a problem in the past. I’ve made thousands of dollars in purchases at your stores and I don’t appreciate being profiled or followed. You have cameras, please use them. Following someone around the store or going in the restroom behind them is harassment. I have never in my life taken anything from anyone and maybe that’s rare but that’s how I was raised. I pay for what I want plain and simple. I deserve to be treated with dignity and respect whenever I enter your stores and not just me but Everyone! This type of treatment is demeaning disconcerting and very disheartening. No one deserves to be treated this way. I just want to shop in peace and mind my own business. As a business owner and professional who makes a substantial amount of money I know that some things aren’t worth pursuing. This is worth it to me. Going forward I will document my experiences and I will file a lawsuit against you for harassment if this continues to happen. Please train your employees on how to deal with the public. First and foremost, not one of these individuals are trained security. Secondly the cameras can be reviewed if they suspect someone might be stealing. If that person is caught, call the cops. But you don’t follow them into the restroom or around the stores.

Suggested solution:

1. Reprimand John(manager) who followed me in the rest room.
2. By respecting the people who shop there and not treating them like criminals
3. Protect your business by hiring security and reviewing your camera footage so innocent people aren't harassed
4. Issue an apology and make an acknowledgement of the incorrect actions taken by multiple staff members not just John

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