Complaint: Red dead redemption 2 0nline is a joke. Never saw a game so messes up after 2 years 0ut. What a mess different error messages everytime you try to start it 0x99701300 0x99540000

on 04 May 2021 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

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My complaint:

2 years and you cant fix all these loading errors. How can you still be in business.

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Suggested solution:

fix this mess. I feel like i got robbed buying this, make it work Hire someone from Apple there expensive but dont mess paid games up like this look at the internet on this game total mess get it out of walmart target or wherever you are selling this. What you should do is send a bug free copy 0f this game to no charge. Since gta5 works great no problems love it. Read internet posts about this game it Is the worst supported game in my 62 years of life.

Comment by poster of the complaint brianschuebel

1 day ago - This game is problematic fix it

Comment by poster of the complaint brianschuebel

16 hours ago - Just deleted this junk program game thanks for stealing from me gta 5 works great it will be gone off my computer in 5 minutes what a waste of money

Comment by poster of the complaint brianschuebel

15 hours ago - Don’t care anymore.

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