Complaint: Won’t restore stolen goods even though proof provided

on 09 April 2022 about Roblox in category Gaming

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My complaint:

My 13 year old daughter saved all of her part-time work money for more than a year to purchase the super super happy face on Roblox for more than $1,000. She was targeted by sophisticated scammers who got access to her desktop by pretending they were helping her with an artwork piece outside the game. They then logged into her account and took over it and accepted a trade of this item for a very low value $12 item.

We provided Roblox with proof her account was hacked (the two step verification email showed the hackers at a different location to us) and the facts that as soon as she realised what had happened she quickly changed her password and reported it. There’s also the fact she would never have traded this face away after working so hard to get it. We also sent screen shots of the fraudulent trade and offered any other proof they would want.

We accept that our daughter was fooled into giving remote access to her computer to someone else, but we think that this is such a big price to pay for a 13 year old who worked so hard to get this digital face when it would cost Roblox nothing (presumably) to restore it. After many email communications and voice messages left we have been denied the restoration of her missing item, which we are sure they could verify was stolen if they actually looked at the proof we provided.

Suggested solution:

Restore the stolen items to her account.

Won't restore stolen goods even though proof provided
Won't restore stolen goods even though proof provided
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