Complaint: Not getting my money ! And getting flagged for winning

on 07 October 2020 about Riversweeps in category Gambling

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I play rivers sweeps a lot. Spending approx 2000 a month for me and my boyfriend one time recent I won 2800 on fish kingdom which took forever to figure out a strategy n how to make the most money well it took so long to get paid I put 1500 of my winnings back in! Ow I just won 2200 and started with a hundred on my account when I seen it was real good I bet 50 cents and with that I won up the ladder from 250 to 450 and made it to 1300 took a break went back to my game a little later that night and made it to 2200 just by max bet at a dollar and shooting for wheel or crown! I was asked if I cheated!! I don’t know how that would even work? More less know what to do? Then they told me rivers red flagged me and shut down my account and they have only gave me 4009 of my winnings ver 4 days! Hats not fair for his provider to make all the money but can’t pay! What’s the use of spending my hard earned money o play if we’re not supposed to win?? I’m so freaking mad that is robbery!! Why do you make it possible to win that much on the game then? That makes no sense? I want my winnings you guys are behind this or who’s playing the games??? You or the provider? To be flagged by rivers for winning? That’s sad and if I can’t get my winnings all of it, Ike I should I won it! Then I will call all the news stations and make it a major point to let everyone know that rivers is a fraud and a rip off! So who’s responsible to make sure your customers are getting paid? Because I’m getting the run around and I’m not happy!!! I just want my winnings I did not cheat now or ever! I just used a little strategy and know wat to shoot for in fish kingdom that’s it!!! M furious over this I should of just stayed at the casinos cause when u win you get all your money then! Here they say 500 max pay out! Fine! But they won’t even give me that! Thier being scandalous and giving rivers a bad rep! And I see how much money they make!! Tons. Myacct is 258148085604 highland ca usa

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Make the provider pay me my winnings

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