Complaint: Excessive and seemingly fraudulent overdraft system

on 14 March 2021 about Regions Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I have around 1000 dollars of overdraft fees from this year alone that Regions just absolutely refuses to work with me on despite the unprecedented pandemic the world has been dealing with. I’ve lost my job, lost my home, and now on the verge of losing my 3 children because of the severe financial hardship I’m currently dealing with. The system picks and chooses when to post your transactions in order to hit you with another fee. I had a hotel charge me more then once in December and despite going through all of Regions steps that they told me they still denied my chargeback. I reoped the claim and a Regions employee told me after so many if I dont recieve the chargeback money to call back and they will take care of it.. so I call back and all they tell me is to just go try to get my money back from the hotel again.. I have every phone call I’ve ever had with them recorded if anyone needs it.. Completely unprofessional with no compassion. Despite the numerous attempts of reaching out looking for some kind of relief with the 1000 dollars they got from me they just do not care. Their a billion dollar corporation right why would they ever care about a peasant like me.

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It would be nice to recieve my money back. I literally have nothing now. I just lost my home and job. Im sleeping in my truck and my kids are about to be swept up by the state. It's hard enough to stay afloat with COVID-19 as it is without your financial institution bleeding you dry of every last dime you have in fees. Completely disgusted.

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