Complaint: Harassment from the Corporation and shutting off the electricity.

on 10 June 2022 about Red Roof Inn in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I’ve been in this hotel since September 2021 since then all was alright even though the room wasn’t so clean when my family and I came here. Since April and May of this year it has been nothing but harassment from the corporate from my sons and their family being kicked out of the hotel because of money issues and now they want to throw me and my family out after I had found out how much I had put into this hotel! From complaints about our dog barking too much, the dog had better not scratched up the floors in the room (BUT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PET FRIENDLY!) along with the dog barking too much (AGAIN I THOUGH THAT YOU WAS PET FRIENDLY AND ISN’T THIS THE WAY DOGS COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR OWNER BY BARKING!) two weeks ago I requested a letter on how much I pay a week into this room in order to show proof that I can afford a to rent a house for me and my family cause with the police being called, drug use from people in the other rooms overdosing off of drugs, people coming around at night trying to break in the rooms whether they room has people in there or not, me and my family has health issues and the only times the ambulance was called twice for my teenage son who is a T1 Diabetic and once for my adult daughter for her sickle cell disorder. The police has been called more than numerous times at this hotel. I have been told that my grandchildren could not write on the ground of the balcony, but the in the other rooms their children could deface the balcony without them being told the same thing my grandchildren could not do! Then the owner told the manager that if my son who they had kicked out because of some police incident that happened while I was asleep that if my son doesn’t come to get his vehicle off of the parking lot they was going to charge me with the towing fees and gas fees for the vehicle. I was wondering why was I going to be charged for my son’s vehicle when they still had two vehicles that has been sitting in the parking lot since I’ve been here. Since January my card reader has stopped working I informed management about and was told that it would be fixed! It took to the month of June 1, just for them to replace the card readers on all of the doors. Was told by management that there was a complaint about the dog again barking when he was asleep the whole night. Corporate is still complaining that they want us out if we do not pay for our room. My daughter had informed them that we will pay them when her payment comes in the night before her actual pay day. While I was out trying to get payment for the room. I come to the room with the electricity cut off from the room and my sons and grandson sweating in a hot room with the curtain halfway open. Again my teenage son is a T1 Diabetic along with me being a T2 Diabetic and my youngest being autistic. Our insulin was in the small refrigerator in the room. And now to the cable being cut off to our room since 11 am this morning. I was told by management that there was a power outage with the cable company and now from the room next to us they’re tv was on! I’ve called the office just to see when was the cable going to be on and I was informed that it will be on by tomorrow morning. So many issues with corporate trying to throw us out because of my other family members coming to see me and their siblings. Being told that my son can not come on the property cause he starts trouble but only comes to see how we are doing and do we need anything. I stay at this hotel cause it is closer to my job site and the bus station. To be harass like this and to have the electricity cut off after we have informed them that we are going to pay for the night we missed and the night the payment hits before midnight was really my breaking point! For me to lose my paycheck every week into this hotel to be harass like this and the amount it accumulated up to! The amount plus more is enough to put a down payment on a home. I’m tired of corporate harassing me when my whole paycheck goes into this place for a room that is not up to standard along with the steps being blocked off two weeks ago due to someone saw that the steps are crumbling! For I have never though that a hotel can cut the power off to your room after you done informed them that you will pay them for the night you missed plus the night after.

Suggested solution:

If they want us out so badly after all the money I had placed into this hotel. Just to have me and my family out on the streets after I've done paid for the room just to be harass and treated like this. Then repay me back every dollars and cents both my and my daughter had put into this hotel! For we had no police coming for us while we were in the hotel and if they was for us no one said anything to us about it!

Harassment from the Corporation and shutting off the electricity.
Harassment from the Corporation and shutting off the electricity.
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