Complaint: Horrible Service

on 04 July 2022 about Popeyes in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I visited the drive through at this location July 4, 2022. There was no response at the speaker so I drove to the window where I was told there was no register and I could not be helped unless I came inside. I suggested thaqt thtey post a note outside explaining the lack of service and was told it was against company policy.

Inside, I noticed that the person behind me at the drive through was receiving his meal. I told the girl helping me that she would go to hell for lying to a customer. She exited. Manager entered. Excuses were made such as they couldn’t take cash at the drive through window, but no one had asked how I was paying. I was asked to leave and never come back. No problem. I never patronize businesses that give this quality of service and will drive down the street to KFC.

Suggested solution:


Explain to your employees that customers matter.

Fire the manager and lying employee.

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