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on 02 February 2022 about Popeyes in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

at 4:21pm It was my turn in the drive through the line was extreney long but some cars where leaving after talking to the attendant, I called out my order when the operator in the voice call box said they are only acceptting cash as the vending credit card machine had crashed and was not working.I asked that there should of been a notice advising that the only option was cash and we wouldnt of wasted a very long time waitting for not beeing abel to order. to this he shouts go back to mexcio.or go get some money from the bank ,The credit card system just crashed.thats why we havent put any ntoice to this I can tell it was not true as the other cars where pulling out after trying to place an order, they also where told there was no credit card machine working.I told him that was very rude and unprofessional. the humiliation from him was unlawful and racist wheshouted at me your mother.I am very offended the type of low leveled racist individual that you have representing Popeyes.I find it inappropiate I told him that there was no need to act aggressively and he statrted to shout and use curse words towards me.I plan to sue as I have a video recoring of the incident.

Suggested solution:

I do not tolorate racisim nor should anyone else especially Popeyes.Ive worked in Popeyes as a Assistant Manger.

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