Philip Morris complaint: Cost

on 04 August 2022 about Philip Morris in category Tobacco / 420

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My complaint:

About a month ago, I purchased a carton of my usual, Marlboro Black Menthol. At that time, I paid wtax $44.08. Yesterday, I went to my usual store and bought the same thing and I paid, with tax, approximately $56.00. That’s an increase of $12.00. I can’t believe that you are charging the consumer, yes, I said CONSUMER, this amount. Everyone is struggling to buy gas to go to work. Then, for those that smoke, you’re charging an enormous cost that people are likely to buy less or even change to a cheaper brand. Yes, I’ve been a smoker for over 40 years but it doesn’t make it right for Phillip Morris to line their own pockets at the expense of the consumer. Shame on you!

Suggested solution:

LOWER YOUR COST OF CIGARETTES!!! It's the right thing to do in these times that cost a fortune to just make ends meat. Again, do the right thing!

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