Pet Simulator X complaint: Stolen pets

on 17 March 2023 about Pet Simulator X in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Now it has happen again today my account was hacked i have been att work the whole day and when i came home and log in och pet sim x then all my 39 huge was gone. I go to my bank and look att the history. Then i ee that someone has been on my account and deposit all my huge to my bank and the whitdraw them to his own account i have not inviter this person and i have not deposit my huge to my bank my self plus my 100b gems is also gone this has been done by this other person whos username is ismolishot i want all my huge and 39q hc pets back

Suggested solution:

I want all my huge replace and all my gems back and this person should be banned and deltet from the game

Stolen pets
Stolen pets
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