Complaint: 3rd time I was not allowed to order my breakfast

on 21 January 2022 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

Since battling cancer over the last 2 years, I have left a small guilty pleasure for myself to enjoy………Panera. A Joy I’ve been denying for many years, only going when family went to save money. Now, for a time last year I would go weekly after Chemo to order my fave, and with my diet being much more restrictive, I have one particular sandwich I enjoy (that’s also rather healthy for me), Sierra Turkey, on a baguette. A sandwich I enjoyed since my first visit to Panera in Chesapeake, VA. Panera is, at least used to be, a step above other fast food restaurants in customer service and the fact you could order any menu item, anytime, morning, noon, or evening. Over last year, I’ve been denied my sandwich for breakfast, so I stopped going after the second incident. Because it appeared only to happen when a particular staff were working, and when I spoke with the manager (about a year ago), he apologized and said it was a mistake. TODAY, I not only got denied my sandwich, the answer is the same, We don’t serve lunch menu for breakfast, and we’re short-staffed. Soooo, which is it? If the former, then I’m done with Panera, as I do not get a lunch break per se, so no time to get in car and drive down the road to pick up lunch. We’re a health care clinic. If it’s the latter, I understand…… a point. There was noone in the place at 0705 this morning. Short-staffed, really? Instead of serving the customer? To make matters worse, I then decided to at least have a nice warm bowl of soup, your Tai Chicken Soup, it’s in the 20s and snowing this morning, great warm me up breakfast, right? It only takes heating up, for crying out loud. Not only did it take the lady to come back to the intercom a full minute, but she said I couldn’t have that either. SOOOO DISAPPOINTED. I just left, without ordering anything else. PANERA is expected to be the Golden Standard…….at least in my book, if not for your upper management.

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I'll let you figure that out.

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