OnePlus complaint: OnePlus 8 Pro Mobile Caught Fire

on 06 March 2023 about OnePlus in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I had bought a OnePlus 8 pro mobile from the offical OnePlus website in Mumbai, India. I recently moved to Sydney, Australia. On 1st March 2023 at around 5am, my phone which was kept under the pillow suddenly caught fire while I was still in my sleep. The phone was not charging nor was it in use. I quickly threw away the phone and jumped out of the bed, thankfully no one was harmed. However, my mobile is not working anymore. The wooden flooring
of my rented apartment has also been damaged.

Suggested solution:

OnePlus should provide me with a replacement phone and compensate me for the wooden flooring repair cost that will be incurred. They should also investigate this matter in detail so that no other customer faces the same issue in the future.

OnePlus 8 Pro Mobile Caught Fire
OnePlus 8 Pro Mobile Caught Fire
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