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My complaint:

I called Netflix’s Customer Service line on May 28, 2020. I talked a representative as well as an additional representative named ****. Both pleasant and willing to do their job. I informed them that I had a Netflix account that I could not gain access to. When I attempted to access the account months after the email had been changed without my knowing. I was unaware of what the new email was and when I went to change the email online, I was unable to see what the new email had been changed to. When changing your email online, the send a ation email to the email in which the account is linked to, which makes absolutely zero sense. I suppose a protection for the person who gained illegal access to my account and used my streaming service, with my card attached of course. This raised no flag to Netflix, which of course I’m sure they pay no attention to this change in payment (obviously). So after talking with the two representatives I was unable to get the email account that my account had been changed to without my knowing. Makes a lot of sense considering it’s still linked to my debit card. I always figured if I was paying for the service, I would have access to the information, but I suppose that isn’t how services like this are conducted. I settled with the face that I would not receive the email in which I was unfamiliar with. So I asked if I could be refunded the monthly bills in which the account had switched to the alternate email (again which I was not familiar with). They refused, allotted me last months refund, although the account had been attached to a different email for likely 3 to 4 months. I then requested if I could receive future payment for the length in which I had not had access to my account possibly in the form of gift cards. Again, that could not be done either. Bottomline, Netflix and their customer service representatives care more for the discrepancy of a criminal than they do of their paying customers.

Suggested solution:

Care more for the interests of their paying customers, customer service representatives should take more time in talking to management instead of immediately dismissing it due to corporate policies (there are always exceptions to the rule), Netflix should place security at a higher priority.

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