Complaint: Stop bullying red-haired people (and children)

on 01 March 2021 about Netflix in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

Why is the “woke” Ginny Georgia series bullying red-haired boys and individuals by portraying them negatively?

It was NOT funny when South Park characters said “Gingers have no souls.” That led to years of people of all ages bullying my red-haired son.

If Netflix thinks it is moving opinions and breaking stereotypes with shows such as Ginny Georgia, it should take a good look at the Zach character (as well as his mother).

Red-haired Zach and his red-haired mother are the only “mean” people of the quaint Boston town that breaks every stereotype and is extraordinarily diverse. And they just happen to be the only red-haired people.

I feel sorry for the actor (Connor Laidman) who plays Zach.

He will undoubtedly be bullied his entire career, and stereotyped into this role.

The last red-haired actor I remember who was portrayed as genuinely nice, kind, heroic, was Eric Stoltz.

Netflix – please wake up – you are hurting people with these stereotypes. Especially young red haired boys.

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Suggested solution:

Put a red haired boy in a starring role where he is kind, popular, and good.

Break the stereotype that you are perpetuating that “Gingers have no souls,” from the South Park era.

Especially when you have so many new “woke” series.

Stop bullying red-haired people (and children)
Stop bullying red-haired people (and children)
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