Complaint: Removing LGBT representation

on 22 August 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I have noticed that varies of shows, mostly if not only Netflix Originals who carry LGBT representation have been cancelled. A lot of people are upset about this and I think it is awful that these shows are cancelled but not for example Riverdale who everyone says is time to take an ending. All the series and movies like the kissing booth, to all the boys, riverdale etc. carry a similar plot and does not have to be renewed for tons of seasons or movies. Netflix should give more space to LGBT representative shows such as Everything Sucks, I Am Not Okay With This, The Society and Trinkets whom all have been cancelled within a short time period. Why do netflix only cancel LGBT representative shows? People actually love all these shows and are upset as well as the fact that netflix removes lgbt representation. People do not want a season 10 of riverdale og a Kissing Booth 7 nor do people want a new movie or show with a similar or same plot, we want the LGBT representative shows mentioned over back and more shows with a different plot or characters who are not only straight and ciscender.

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Bring back and create more shows simliar to the ones mentioned in the complaint that carries LGBT representation and different plots. Stop removing LGBT representation on Netflix!

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