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on 28 September 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I am considering closings my account due to the horrific content, poorest judgement, exploration of our children. This film is a disgusting film. One has to wonder if Netflix has pedophiles previewing the movie selection that they choose to put on the station. I cannot even imagine that any decent person in this American company could justify this as a viewing choice. Netflix ought to be ashamed. Netflix ought to consider our children there well-being and their safety. all I can think is that the people that are viewing this show and like it ought to be criminally checked and possibly even have their homes raded by the FBI. I think Netflix ought to be looked at by the better business bureau as well as the Federal bureau of investigations for even putting this on the select list somebody is terribly sick minded period and I think Netflix ought to be ashamed. I’m disgusted and I think I’m going to boycott Netflix have my voice heard and terminate my membership if this show is not removed from the selection list. For the viewing pleasure of demented people.

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Suggested solution:

By considering what they place on their selection list for viewing remove such disgusting exploitation of our children. To terminate whoever the people were that chose this for the viewing list. And have an investigation of their employees because someone is a demented pedophile. All the movies that people can select to watch and cuties has to be one of the top selections? Really! This is disgusting and Netflix ought to be ashamed of themselves enough to remove such grotesque showings of such pedophilia filled content. I'm just I'm just grossed out. Please remove this show and take more caution and what you select for your viewers. Please, please, saveourchildren.

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