Complaint: Cancelation of shows and forbidding other networks from picking them up

on 10 May 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I left traditional networks for Netflix because the traditional networks were canceling shows before they had a chance to build a following, and also because new networks like Netflix were willing to risk their time and money on programs that the traditional networks had failed at.

Now Netflix is giving new shows even less time to build a viewership, and they are so chickens hit that they won’t allow an alternate network to attempt to make a success out of one of netflix’ failures.

Like so many others, I have lost confidence in Netflix and I an moving on to greener pastures.

It will take awhile for Netflix to feel the results of its piss poor business decisions, but feel them it will. I hope the proper people lose their jobs when the results of these knee jerk reactions is felt.

I suppose the best thing to come of all this will be if we stop watching altogether and adopt healthier lifestyles. I will miss a good movie or show, however.

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Suggested solution:

Look at the number of classic TV programs and movies whose initial reception was lackluster or even poor.
Using your methodology we would never have heard of these fine programs.

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11 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Netflix

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