Complaint: Youar Bias is Showing

on 24 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

NBC has been my preferred network for over 50 years, but no longer. The bias and unprofessionalism of NBC anchors and reporters I can no longer tolerate. Worst offenders are Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Hallie Jackson, and Savannah Guthrie. You are reporters. You are supposed to be unbiased and fair. You fail miserably. You act more like social influencers. I am politically neutral. I look at all issues and performances on all sides, but your obvious biases make it impossible to do that on your network. I know you probably don’t care about my opinion and will probably never see it, but you should examine your performances and present the news to all people without your personal bias showing.

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Suggested solution:

NBC should crack down on reporters delivering personal biasis if they are to be a legitimate news network. Report all the news, even if it is not what you want the public to hear. Just the facts - not influenced or presented in a way that represents personal opinions or bias.

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