Complaint: 2020 debate

on 23 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Last night’s commentary person 1) introduced a former VP before she introduced the PRESIDENT of the United States 2) she also interrupted the PRESIDENT 41 times and the former VP 8 times… there’s no way this shows common courtesy, good manners and is also not politically correct!

NBC fact checker checked two BIDEN statements as both FALSE and the two he checked on the PRESIDENT were not false just not quite accurate on time frame of 35 years to 25 years on economy and 85% less covid… which was right except you would have to include a timeframe for his statement of 85% … so not false… so who’s the liar!

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Suggested solution:

They could report unbiased NEWS facts and not opinions. Could start with: 1) why Nancy P. was wanting to party downtown Chinatown when COVID was first reported by White HousePresident and calling President Trump a racist... and, Biden also calling him race-a-phobic when the President was calling on closing down borders, incoming travel from China, etc. News agencies should do good, unbiased reporting... it's should be news not opinions. OH... Nancy and Uncle Joe also made shows of wearing NO masks to begin with... but, not now... Uncle Joe made a show of taking his mask off when came on camera last night!!!!

This complaint is from a former democratic who is a 78 White female who is now considered a DEPLORABLE (by Hillary) who voted republican for the first time 4 years ago...and will again with NO remorse of not voting for Tricky Joe!!!!

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