Complaint: What’s the deal with not showing a historic cartoon it’s the great pumpkin charlie brown

on 21 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I just heard that NBC wasn’t going to air it’s the great pumpkin charlie brown ( first time in over 50years) what’s the deal now? Animators lives matter? Or some supposed racism issue or is it a covid thing? It’s all turned into stupidity shoved down the world’s throat , I mean all kids of all races and walks of life enjoy that classic. And if it’s a money grab jesus the world’s going through enough crap to include death , starvation , and america’s history being stripped away to cushion some ones need to complain about stuff that doesn’t apply in modern day . People thinking they are not treated fair even when they are given free school in many cases, and privileges above others in fear of hurting some weaklings feelings. Look I’m a combat veteran and the world I come from all of us are equal period ( isn’t this what we fight for? Equality and freedom? ) Bottom line children form our future and by canceling classic cartoons which by the way have all races in its animations , what are we teaching them huh? Smfh jesus this country is going to the crapper what next bread lines , bar code tattoos, fema camps , showing papers? Hmm mmm just like Nazi germany right? This is so much crap, there are plenty of family’s who are at poverty level and can’t afford this apple tv etc, especially with this covid stuff shutting down our economy as it is , so hey let’s just make it harder on everyone right? You will probably circular file this email , but at least read the logic will you?

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Air the great pumpkin charlie brown , I mean jesus think of the kids ok? Not yourselves , not racial issues that died in the 50s , or people giving a different meaning to the rainbow etc. It's about the children ok ?

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