Complaint: NBC’s decision to host last minute trump townhall

on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I am so disappointed in nbc for the decision to cowtow and kiss trump’s ass and decide to host a townhall. Even worse and and may be telling is the decision to schedule the event opposite joe Biden’s town hall. Is nbc a secret trump supporter? or does nbc believe msnbc and meet the press’sratings will drop with a Biden win?

The facts are Trump refused to do a virtual townhall and cancelled debate. Biden kept the date by having the town hall. Shame on nbc for preventing Biden from having the audience he deserves. I predict trumps ratings will be high – it’s like rubber-necking at a car accident. His high ratings will become another election talking point that may artificially move the needle toward him in these last days of the election

Would it really have been so hard the schedule trumps event at a different time or day??!!!!

I will make an effort to not support nbc sponsors or shows

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Change the day or time

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