NBC complaint: Law and Order Episode

on 20 January 2023 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

The Law and Order episode this evening, which aired on the eve of the 50th Annual March for Life in Washington, DC, was incendiary at best. To air an episode that suggests that pro-life advocates commit murder (of the defendant’s sister no less) or that they would engage in the violence depicted at the end of the show (i.e., the shooting of an abortion advocate who testified in court, resulting in the conviction of the brother) is a wildly inaccurate and insulting depiction of the pro-life movement. The motives behind such a depiction, clearly deliberately placed to be shown the night before the annual March, is not happenstance. Typically, Law and Order appears to try to somewhat mirror current events, and frankly, many viewers likely think episodes are based on true stories, which many times they are. Tonight’s episode could not be further from the truth, and NBC knows that. Very disappointing. Very, very disappointing

Suggested solution:

Some editorial review of the content of shows is in order.

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