Complaint: Last nights “town hall”

on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Did anyone inform savannah Guthrie that this was supposed to be a town hall and not a forum for her to attack the President like a shrill fishwife? First of all, whether she is a Trump supporter or not, she should know enough to respect the office. She was offensive, combative, insulting, interruptive and just downright plain rude. She attacked the President with 43 questions and never let him answer without interrupting him rudely. The voters who thought they were coming to a town hall were allowed to ask a total of 10 questions. While this was probably what N C had in mind when you gave this assignment to a rabid partisan, you did yourself a big disservice. After last night even the remaining few who still watch your network will probably be tuning in to another station. You certainly lost me.

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Suggested solution:

Fire her. Not only is she NOT a journalist, she is just a partisan hack.

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