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on 10 July 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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Hi I am a regular MSN news believer and love the show. I love Joy green but I know know what the heck she did to her hair I don’t know if she’s trying to wear her hair like regarding her heritage. But it’s horrible her hair is such a mess I can’t even watch her on TV. I just think somebody should help her fix that hair like tonight to A piece of wig hanging on the back of her hair with red streaks coming to the side and it looks like a fake hairpiece. I will not watch her it drives me crazy I just wanna brush her hair. And she looks unpresentable. And no I’m not a racist I know that other black African-American women on the news for MS and wear their hair gorgeous why does it doesn’t anybody talk to her and tell her how bad she looks. So I am begging you to please have her fix her hair so she looks presentable maybe in like dreadlocks I don’t care but the hair she has on now is horrible the color is horrible and bro she had a big bees nest on top of her head but she changed so fast and this was before the virus so there’s no excuse that she couldn’t go out and have her hair done. I’m not the only one that are making remarks like this so I thought that I needed to write a note I’ve never complained about your show but Joy is wonderful but I’m just can’t watch her IT Drives me crazy I just want to get her hair washed combed and maybe braided but I have no idea who’s doing this to her hair but she looks so unpresentable. I don’t want her to get fired but please have somebody just do something to her ear or tell her that it’s horrible and that she needs to fix it or I won’t be watching her on TV and there are plenty others she say the same thing about her hair

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I think Joy would should know because she’s a beautiful woman but these hairdos are making her look horrible. The hair looks on washed it looks like fake streaks of hair. Have somebody at NBC do her hair fix her hair. But I think she needs to know what we’re thinking about this

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Marcia Alexander
Marcia Alexander (@guest_1492)
4 months ago

Joy’s hair on her new MSNBC show looks great! I hope she keeps it as it is very flattering on her.

donad (@guest_2310)
25 days ago

Her hair looks great why is this woman so upset that she can not watch ? A bit controlling and racist. I think you should delete this comment.