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on 11 July 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Superstore season 4 ends with a plot thread concerning a character named Mateo (who is an illegal immigrant) being possibly deported. The characters of the show decide to help him escape authorities and the law, instead of doing what is legally required (and morally right) and reporting him. His illegal immigrant status has been mentioned in the show before and has even been a small plot thread in a few previous episodes. The final episode of season 4, however, is entirely about how wrong it is that a criminal be charged for a crime they admittedly committed. Encouraging criminal activity and portraying it as some noble fight for justice is irresponsible and borderline criminal in itself.

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Suggested solution:

It is too late to re-write the episode, of course, but the character of Mateo should be labeled by his coworkers as what he is-a criminal. If they disagree with immigration policy, that is a matter for the ballot box and not vigilante justice and harboring criminals while aiding in their attempted evasion of the law. There should be an entire episode dedicated to the characters coming to this realization.

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