Complaint: EPL Coverage and Inability to Access Games Despite Peacock Premium

on 21 September 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I am very disappointed that all EPL games have been taken off NBC and put on Peacock when the Peacock platform is not yet fit for purpose. I sucked it up and paid for the Premium subscription only to find that I cannot access Peacock on any of my streaming devices:
– No support for Fire TV (I have 4 fire sticks in the house)
– Not available on Apple TV 3rd Generation (no App Store and Peacock app not on homepage)
– Can’t cast from iMac or iPad to main TV screen

As a result of this, my sons and I were unable to watch most EPL games over the weekend, despite our huge interest in the league. I understand you are trying to monetize your EPL asset, and am reluctantly OK with having to pay a little extra to access all the games, but to launch this when there is so many restrictions on ability to access the content is ridiculous. It’s almost like you’re trying to drive people to access illegal streams. I tried to do it the right way, and you put countless obstacles in the way, and I’m now paying for a Peacock Premium subscription which is essentially useless unless I buy another streaming device.

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Suggested solution:

- Negotiate with Amazon to get Peacock on firestick as a matter of urgency
- Negotiate with Apple to get the app added to 3rd generation and earlier Apple TV
- Allow Peacock content to be cast using AirPlay to other screens as a workaround while that is being negotiated
- If that can't be done, refund Peacock subscriptions until this is fixed

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