Complaint: Endangered turtles – Releasing back into wild

on 09 April 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

In today’s world where most of the news is upsetting….why would you cut short a segment that makes you feel good and see that there is good in the world. You cut short the turtle making his way back into the wild. Yes, I know it was at a turtles pace but sometimes that’s ok….sometimes it’s good to slow down. The Today show is supposed to share the good news as well as bad and it seems that when it’s bad you will exhaust all air time on the bad and very little air time on the good or even worse on a celebrity who releases a new song or book….honestly, who cares. Who cares about trivial pop start. Seriously? Strawberry pretzel pie? Who cares! Thanks for allowing us to share in the endangered turtles traumatic story only to be cut short in their long journey home. I’m sorry it wasn’t about something more horrific that you could share with the world as I’m sure there would have been plenty of air time for that. I’m over it.

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Endangered turtles - Releasing back into wild
Endangered turtles - Releasing back into wild
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