NBA 2K complaint: Son bought game cant play online. Bought VC then myplayer account was deleted

on 17 March 2023 about NBA 2K in category Gaming

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My complaint:

My son got NBA2K and was excited to play. Frtustrating getting it set up online because it kept saying didnt meet criteria —- but criteria is not given anywhere. opened ticket. Explained issue and eventually he was able to get an account created (but wouldnt let him get online – so I updated the ticket). He had opened the myplayer account and didnt realize about verification so played for two days and purchased some VC. then his account got deleted. Ticket was explained he had to be 13 to play online (he is 12 and a half) but i cant find that explained anywhere BEFORE he purchased it and since he bought the VC and used it (on an account that was deleted 2 days after purchase) thats too bad, the rules are buried in some licensing agreement. He no longer wants to play and feels he has been robbed.

Suggested solution:

figure out a way to NOT delete accounts after 2 days andor let child accounts connect with parental permission. Also maybe not let purchases be made until the account is verifed?

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