MSNBC complaint: Stephanie Ruhle

Complaint from Gilda reported on 06 March 2022 about MSNBC

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My complaint:

Ok, so Stephanie Ruhle won Brian Williams’ coveted spot.
Already she is tiresome and pushing too hard.
Stop interrupting the guests. The only reason to watch: the guests.
And, please, don’t tell me to breathe at the end of the show.
The sign-off Brian used, as did all the anchors auditioning for the spot where he thanked everyone on behalf of the network for watching was classy. Stephanie is anything but.
And, finally, back up the Brinks truck, pay Alex Wagner, and put her in Rachel’s spot when she goes. Please.

Suggested solution:

Give Stephanie Ruhle six months.
Watch her numbers plummet, and replace her!

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Margarita Landazuri
Margarita Landazuri (@guest_5240)
1 year ago

Stephanie Ruhle is not ready for prime time! Bad enough that Rachel Maddow will only be on once a week. But replacing her with bimbo Stephanie Ruhle is an insult to Rachel’s fans who appreciate Rachel’s intelligence, erudition, knowledge, and wit, none of which Ruhle has. She contributes nothing to the conversation. Why not give the timeslot to Nicolle Wallace, or someone else who is smart and capable? Giving Ruhle six months, as someone else suggested here, won’t work — in six months you will have lost all of Rachel’s devoted audience. After just a few days of watching the… Read more »