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on 26 March 2020 about Morrisons in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

As I am in the vulnerable category with coronavirus. Age 69.and on both inhalers I am more than aware of contact issues.

Today Thursday 26 March in morrisons newlands
Glasgow. A cashier was chatting with a friend as she was serving her. I gave ample room from that person and placed my items on the belt.
The cashier shouted and pointed to get back at a safe distance which I did .as the belt moved I moved at a distance. With my product. She shouted again which was not necessary or reasonable to get back. I did and again a third time when her friend was leaving the package area. This was only a dislike against me.
She wanted to cause a scene.
I told her I was giving plenty of room.i moved my shopping to a different belt. She shout to security to throw me out. He would not let me talk at all kept shutting me down. Manager came
He wouldn’t listen to me as they took there authority to a new level big time.
The whole store watching and in fear my shopping would be taken off me I said nothing.
On leaving the store manager stopped me and said you must understand assistant has been under pressure. I asked him to d
Say nothing else and told him my version. He said you don’t have to shop here there’s other stores. I told him I use 2 Morrisons most days so much for customers service.

I have been insulted. Through Humiliation.
And very very vulnerable. For shopping.

They were like war lords .inflicting restrictions when someone can talk

It was something I never ever want to experience again in a shopping supermarket.

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Suggested solution:

There would have been CCTV. To show this cashier was dictatorial. And insulting.

And how security shut me down when I was trying to tell him she never done this to anyone who used her belt

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Morrisons

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