Milestone Credit Cards complaint: Approved but never sent credit card

Complaint from Totally Unacceptable reported on 19 January 2024 about Milestone Credit Cards

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My complaint:

I applied for the Milestone Credit Card after Credit Karma gave guaranteed approval odds or they would pay me $50.00. Submitted complete application, infact allowed Milestone Company to connect with my checking account for application process. The company did a hard hit credit inquiry. Still shows on my credit report. I was told I was approved and would receive card in the mail approx 5 to 10 business days. Waited and waited card never arrived. Upon calling customer service to inquire as to why card had not arrived. I was told they did not have an application from me and I was welcome to apply. I went round and round with this company trying to get answer as to where my application could have gone and could prove on my credit report that they pulled my credit.
And, no I did not want to apply again and have them put another hit on my credit report. I offered to submit a copy of my credit report for them to view and show that they already pulled my credit. But they would not accept that and kept telling me I had not applied. After hours and hours yet issue not resolved..I was furious that this company would not resolved the issue or stand by what I was told and issue the card. I called back at least five more times trying to find out how this could happen. Still no one could even find anything in my name or social security number.
Then about two weeks later, I got a letter saying they needed a copy of my id. I immediately faxed it over and called again. No one could they received the faxed. Nor would issue would be received. Weeks later still no card. Upon calling back again..was put on hold transferred to several different people yet still no onec could tell me anything. They keep sending me emails asking me to apply.
This is unacceptable and I have no way of getting this off my credit report and still no credit card.

Suggested solution:

Issue the card they said I was approved for. Or request that the inquiry on my credit report was done in error and get it removed.

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