Meta complaint: Facebook account has been disabled without any genuine reason

Complaint from saima ali reported on 12 November 2023 about Meta

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My complaint:

My fb account is 20 years old. I hardly used it, i am a professional and responsible citizen and i don’t understand without informing and investigating the reason, my profile has been disabled since last six months. i lost all my child hood pictures and friends. and i don’t know what is this stupid logic behind behaviorial bullshit on which they don’t want to inform the user as what they have actually done and they get the legal right to block the free service we are using. Thats totally disgusting and unexpected of a professional company like META.

Suggested solution:

They should talk to me as why they want to keep my account blocked/disabled. If they have any genuine reason behind they should prove that. They have no right to see all my information and keep it away from me. there are photos and my personal information which META has no right to keep it with them.

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