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on 16 September 2022 about Meta in category Social Media

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My complaint:

Why does Meta bombard me with ads, which have nothing to do with my interest? They have all the infromation about me as they collect it all, yet they relentlessly bombard me with stuff, which has nothing to do with my interests.
Either it is a bunch dull idiots working there or they are saying they want me out and not using their app.
It is not difficult to distinguish between my interests and a occasional curiosity.
I do not want to stop adds, if they really relate to what interests me. But that is not consent to have may page flodded by B.S., which has nothing to do with me. And more over, if I select delete, it stays on and the chices for the reason for which I want to delete ere incomplete and very immited…..It is like wotking with monkeys!
I do not want to modify the preferences, because many time the chices are limited and incomlete. It is responsibility of Meta, since they know everything about me. They should be able to distinguishwhat I like or what interests me versus ust B.S. advertisement of unrelated subjects….


Suggested solution:

If it is not obvious from my letter, than I am at loss!

But if I need to specify it one more time, then: DO NOT BOMBARD ME WITH B.S. ADDS AND STUFF WHICH DOESN'T INTEREST ME.

And as far as next question about how would I currently rate my eperience with Meta...not enough choices (as usual)...I would want to give it NO STARS at all! Because one star is too much, after pissing me off they way they do!

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