Complaint: Worst McDonald’s experience ever

on 04 March 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I was recommend to work at this McDonald’s from a friend that was an employee there part time. I went through the hiring process and orientation and was told that I might have my job offer revoked because I am a friend of one of the employees there.

This company then decided to fire my friend, and was questioning the hiring manager of why they would hire one of his friends. To me this is unfair to anyone. I would not recommend anyone or ever work for this McDonald’s or any of the stores that this company has across the state. They were looking for a way to not hire me but did not have any reason no to. I was also told this was because I listed him as an emergency contact on my new hire paperwork. Which should NOT matter at all.

At my orientation a young lady even told the woman going through the hiring process with us that she is moving to a different store because her friend works there. So shouldn’t her friend also get fired for the same reason then?

I can assure you my business will go to any other McDonald’s not owned in this chain.

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This is no way to fix this. I will NEVER go to this McDonald’s again and make sure this is known to anyone thinking about applying for any of the McDonald’s in this chain. They are the worst people possible and playing favoritism and very judgmental.

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